Saturday, July 10, 2010

BBQ Saturday


A call from Tapu mama, my mom’s cousin brother in NYC, woke me up at 10:00 AM. Yes, it was exactly 10:00 AM. He is an amazing person. Since, he picked me up from the Newark airport on 26th December of 2006 – he has been in touch with me. I only picked up the call because it was him. He called me to inform that someone in our family died, since I couldn’t recall seeing that person even being heard of, that news didn’t really surprise me. But I felt a little sad for my mom, maybe she knew that person.

The church life in the New Jersey area is very good. It has been more than a month I am meeting with them. Today we have a bbq somewhere near Franklin Park or Princeton area. Sister Pai-ti, an elder in our Church, always sends me email or calls me to keep me informed about the Church activities. Sister told me to call his son, Ben, to pick me up. Brother Ben who just graduated from Rutgers University with a PharmD (Doctor of Pharmacy) has been giving me ride since I came here. Although I have my car, I prefer to go with someone. Let me tell you why – every Friday/Saturday we go to a saint’s house for a meeting and before meeting we have dinner. Now if I go there by myself and the saint cannot recognize me – that would be a total embarrassment – isn’t it?

I called brother Ben last night, Friday, and he said me another brother would give me a ride – brother Jeremy. I told him to give me brother Jeremy’s number and I would call him. Right after Ben gave me his number – I realized it is going to be silly to call and ask for a ride but it would be even sillier of me to go to the bbq and not knowing anyone. I prayed and called brother Jeremy in the morning today. To my surprise – brother Jeremy heard of me before and he was very glad that I called. We talked for about 20 minutes and during our conversation I get to know that he did his masters and PhD from University of Texas- Austin in Electrical Engineering and currently working for Google. I was glad to know that he was in Full time training in Taipei for a year – somewhere in my heart there is a desire to go for the fulltime training for a year as well.

I am going to this bbq in a few hours – I am having a feeling a lot of stories are waiting for me there…

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  1. How are you surviving the culture change? I love to go to India and visit Christian friends there - but can't quite get used to it!