Monday, July 5, 2010

NYC to Edison - NJTransit


1:38 PM. I am at the Penn Station waiting for the train to Edison, NJ. I have to wait 7 more minutes to know which track the train will come to take me to Edison.

The whole place seems very calm although a lot of people around. Two siblings ages around 7 and 10 and running in front me. Most likely their grandparents are seating next time. There were two seats open on my both sides, right now I am seating between them. The sister is chasing the brother – it reminds me something I can’t remember. May be I was like them when I was of their age.

Manish just called – he wanted to know when I would reach Edison – I said I would be there in an hour.

Finally I boarded to the train. It was 1:50 when I got a seat. I found a window seat on the upper level of the train. An Indian girl was seating next to that seat. Her name was Harini. She was an Indian American researcher in University of Pennsylvania. She did her PhD from Rutgers. Brother Chee, my spiritual guru, is a PhD, the girl seating next to me is a PhD. There are so many PhDs around me – isn’t it amazing?

Coming to the Penn Station from East Elmhurst where my mom’s cousin lives was quite a task. I wanted to take a bus to come to subway station. The bus stop was 3-4 minutes’ walk from there. When I was on the road I met one old person – I asked him exactly from where the bus will leave. He said me something I didn’t understand. He told me to follow him. I had three super heavy books with me along with two bags. My whole shoulder was breaking apart as I just walked those three minutes. I followed him. I asked him on the way where he was going. He told me he was taking me to the subway station. I didn’t understand what he meant. He said the subway is only 5 blocks from there and we should walk. I said I would have loved to walk, but I have a lot of things with me. Then he said he would carry my books. Since he was an elderly person, I couldn’t do that. I prayed and said “okay lets go”.

On the way he told me he was from Russia and his English was not very good. He told he would be 79 in the coming August. After walking a block he showed me where he lives. I said thank for all the help, now I can walk the rest of distance by myself. He said don’t worry – I would come with you. He took me to the rail station, there was a time when I was about to walk in a busy street – he stopped me and helped me to cross the road – I was surprised to see his care. Finally we reached the 74th street subway. Then he told me to take the elevator, he was waiting until the elevator left the floor. I will probably never see him again - life is beautiful if we give it a chance to shine.

Then I changed another subway and reached Queens Boulevard and from Queens Boulevard I reached the 34th street. I asked a person at 34th street where is Penn station, he told me just go to the red light and look at your left, you would see the Penn Station. I told the person, thank you, I like your name. Amen. He gave me a big smile. His name was Jesus.

Mautaz was waiting for me outside with Sandeep. I came near to his car and he asked "Get into the car bitch." I smiled. I said to Mautaz "You watch South Park, too much". When we reached the apartment, I found Manish was standing outside with his usual broad smile. As soon as I entered the house, Manish gave me my car key. I haven't driven my car for last seven days - I screamed "I am going to wall-mart, if anyone interested - get ready in five minutes."

I just realized - I love Edison. Every street of it.

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