Monday, July 5, 2010


It was 5:30 PM, I was talking to Mahesh, a co-worker(?), about job interviews. We were seating on the stairs outside the apartment where I have been staying since May 22nd. All of a sudden I found there were a lot of rashes on my both hands and legs. Is it chickenpox? No, God! Lord Jesus, don’t do that to me. The first few things came to my mind. I was in total panic. Where will I stay? Whom can I call? It is 4:00 AM in Kolkata, so can’t call Maa. I can’t go to my uncle’s house in NYC as there were a lot of kids. I don’t want to put them in risk. Who else? Should I call a brother who lives nearby?

I called Salil, a friend always come to rescue me. Salil told me not to panic and go to a hospital and talked to Manish, a friend who was staying with me. He also reminded me that I had paid a lot of money for my insurance (which I totally forgot!) - therefore I should feel free to utilize the hospital facility. Good deal. Immediately I decided to go to a hospital.

I found JFK Hospital – 12 minutes from my place. I called them and asked – How long are you open today? The lady replied “It’s a hospital sir, we are open 24 hours”. I said, “Thank you” and ran to get my car key to go there. I was praying the whole time while going there. I have a few job interviews coming up – I can’t miss them anyhow. Is it a bad dream? I better wake up.

I went to the emergency section of the hospital. I found a young person seating at the desk working. I asked him “Can I see a doctor?”. He looked at me and asked “For whom?”. What kind of question is this – I was thinking. I said “For me”, he gave a strange look and told me to talk to a lady next to him.

I had to wait for an hour to see the doctor in the emergency room. She said after a few minutes of check up “It’s nothing”.


  1. That's a miracle alright :)
    Expressed outstandingly.Thank you for posting this in your blog! It's wonderful.

  2. amazing blogger ... another level of accomplishment ... really NICE blog!! keep it up : ) we all <3 u

  3. kind of funny :-)
    liked it :-)